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We excel in air conditioning charge in Madrid, air conditioning maintenance in Madrid, air conditioning overhaul in Madrid and air conditioning installations in Madrid.

We fix all types of breakdowns in air conditioners, although we strongly recommend prevention with proper maintenance. It should be noted that many times the breakdowns are due to dirty filters, thermostat malfunction, problems with the evaporator coil, defective condenser, gas leaks … with proper maintenance many of the usual problems would not occur.

Do not delay any longer and contact our technicians to get a quotation for an installation in Madrid. We will give you the best technical and financial solutions so that you can fulfill your wishes.

For any project contact with Alecar 2006 in Arganda del Rey – Madrid, we are a company specialized in the installation, repair and maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Constancia, Madrid (Madrid)

Repair Boilers Arganda del Rey we have the most expert staff, highly qualified and willing to perform maintenance and any repair of your boiler, whatever brand it is. Condensing boilers are able to maximize the productivity of the energy we have to provide our local.

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If you need any repair, or installation of boilers in Arganda del Rey (of any model and manufacturer), the replacement of your current boiler is going to be able to have a boiler technician in the town cheap, which will act instantly, reliability and warranty.  We have the following services:

Boiler expert service Arganda del Rey, we fix boilers of all manufacturers.  Saunier Duval mixed gas boiler with sealed circuit with START&HOT MICROFAST 2.0 system (Class 5 NOx).  Its periodic maintenance is very important since we can prevent different breakages and accidents.

Our expert boiler service trained in repair, installation and diagnosis of boiler breakdowns in Arganda del Rey. Always at your disposal to present you the best boiler repair service in Arganda del Rey.  This kind of boilers are more efficient and more durable, but also more expensive and require a more cautious maintenance in order to prevent them from breaking down.


We perform any type of task related to the metal structure, both in its manufacture and subsequent assembly in civil works and rehabilitation and building, with the appropriate welding procedures and approved personnel, always supporting each of the projects with our technical department.

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Collaborating with the most outstanding companies in our sector, we carry out any work, whether new promotions or reforms from start to finish, always providing our extensive experience, to make the project a simpler work for our client.


This place receives this name because it became one of the gates of the wall that surrounded Madrid in the fifteenth century. It was oriented towards the rising of the sun, so they had no doubt in calling it Puerta del Sol.

The Mayor and Arenal streets to Alcalá and Carrera de San Jerónimo streets will group the new kiosks, which will be circular in shape and made of glass. An oval fountain will replace the two current ones and will house the equestrian statue of Carlos III.

The works will replace the current entrance to Cercanías for a transparent pavilion with the aim of “freeing the square from one obstacle that prevented a full view of the space”, the main objective of the remodeling of the Puerta del Sol.

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It will be built entirely of structural glass, supports, enclosure and roof, except for a central steel beam supported by three supports of the same material. In addition, the vertical structure is made of glass ribs, while the horizontal structure consists of a lightened central steel beam supported by three steel supports, and secondary beams in the form of ribs, glass.

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